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Useful Firefox extensions versus Google Chrome without RSS

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Just for kicks, I’ve been brainstorming whether I can replace FireFox with Google Chrome.

The answer is no, but more accurately, almost. I’ve made a list of FireFox extensions that I live by. Namely: Read the rest of this entry »

FF Read it Later extension rocks

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I often find myself trying to read articles, when it’s not appropriate. No: I don’t mean porn. I mean that I stumble across something at work, or I see something that I want to look into more while zeroing out my inbox. The worst-case scenario is that I start skimming the article, giving myself a headache, and not really understanding what’s in the article.

When a digression occurs at work for something other than a web site, I write it down in my Hipster PDA. This habit keeps me focused on work and I can continue to move on. However, it’s quite difficult to write down a Web article and URL.

I came across (likely when I didn’t have time for it) a Firefox extension called Read it Later. This is very simple: you install the extension. Then, you get a little book button in your upper right corner (next to the search bar). You’ll also get a check mark in your URL bar.

When you find something you want to read later, you simply click the check mark. The cool thing is that this extension automatically creates an anonymous user key and password that can be used to sync between multiple computers. (I only use this to tag things that are public.)

Read it Later adds a check mark to your URL bar and a button next to the search bar

If you go to another computer, you can select it to use the same user key and password and it will sync your list of web sites to read later. That’s especially good for me, because I tend to encounter things at work that I can read at home.

Clicking the Read it Later button alone will bring up a page that you said you wanted to read later (I think it picks the oldes page).

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September 6th, 2008 at 5:50 am

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