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iPhone vs iPod Touch

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Over at CNN: “Microsoft’s Zune HD to debut this fall” – SciTechBlog, John D. Sutter asks why anyone would chose the iPod Touch over the iPhone. I’ll tell you exactly why I bought my wife an iPod touch rather than an iPhone:

  1. Monthly fee: The $70/month the AT&T bill for the iPhone is steep. It’d be worth it if she needed that connectivity…
  2. Tethered mobility: … however, she doesn’t really want connectivity when she’s not around the house. She’s cool with checking email when she gets home.
  3. I’ve heard the iPhone is great device, but not a great phone. Yeah: it’d be more convenient to have the all-in-one portable device platform and phone together. However, I’ve heard from numerous people (none of whom are allegiant to Motorola) that the iPhone isn’t terribly good as a phone. In truth, I never really found out why: call quality, user interface, etc. However, the suboptimality of the phone stuck in my head.
  4. It pretty much runs everything the iPhone does: the iPod touch pretty much runs every app that the iPhone runs, so she’s really not giving up anything.

In fact, I wonder if people tend to by the iPhone because they don’t know how capable the iPod touch is.

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May 28th, 2009 at 3:25 pm

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