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I’m using BLVD Status to track incoming (and outgoing traffic) to my circuit design blog. They allow me to track what web searches result in links to my blogs. One curious thing about this service is that these searches do not seem to be just the searches that end up my blog, but all searches that lead to all sites that are running BLVD Status.

So, when I noticed that someone did a google search for “svn cadence”, and then I realized it was me while I was at work, I got a bunch of queries that people had done from work. The term visitor below is really my employer’s web proxy that originated the search. Note that this includes many people and is non comprehensive (it is biased sub-set of searches done at my employer). Here they are:

Keywords used by this visitor Date / Time used
1 619-269-0041 9.8.08 7:27:47 PM
2 breakdance kid 8.26.08 4:38:00 PM
3 crazy japanese news 8.25.08 6:39:54 PM
4 crazy japanese news 8.25.08 6:21:05 PM
5 gazebo arizona 8.22.08 8:55:08 AM
6 tracking downloads with google analytics 8.22.08 11:20:04 AM
7 automatic cat litter box 8.21.08 10:33:36 PM
8 hong kong stuck in park bench 8.20.08 3:06:45 PM
9 can I sue insurance third party insurance company for higher rates 8.20.08 10:15:15 AM
10 iPaq H3650 8.18.08 7:55:39 PM
11 steven covey 8.18.08 4:01:45 PM
12 steven covey 8.18.08 4:01:24 PM
13 antec notebook cooler portable 8.15.08 3:30:14 PM
14 how do gays recruit 11.7.08 4:38:28 PM
15 the story of FBI agent John Connely 11.6.08 4:06:41 PM
16 the story of FBI agent John Connely 11.6.08 4:05:29 PM
17 svn cadence 11.21.08 7:54:16 PM
18 iphone yelp vs yellow pages 11.19.08 3:22:53 PM
19 disneyland california 11.18.08 4:29:21 PM
20 download pics from orkut 10.9.08 7:32:41 PM
21 google browser adobe flash plug in 10.24.08 1:20:14 PM
22 the biggest loser sponsors 10.10.08 11:15:35 AM

No: there’s really not any useful information there, except that someone seems to be homophobic (although the resulting links do not). I guess the moral is to be careful what you do at work.

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November 27th, 2008 at 9:53 pm

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