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Is Merlin Mann talking about Tim Ferris?

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From Four Years | 43 Folders.

One particularly gifted arrival on the productivity and self-help scene authored some of the most profoundly useful advice I’d ever heard about attention management — but, then followed it up by showing how those extra cycles could be used to game the system so efficiently that you can sit in a hammock for 164 hours a week while people in India write birthday cards to your friends. That one became a runaway bestseller and, perhaps unintentionally, formed the new template for how to market productivity as an extreme lifestyle. I also have to imagine that it singlehandedly revived our nation’s sagging hammock industry.

I’m rather illiterate in this field, so if there’s someone else this describes, I wouldn’t know. My apologies ahead of time to both Merlin Mann and Tim Ferris if I’ve got this all wrong.

P.S. I did enjoy Tim Ferris’ book, which details several techniques of productivity–even if the whole month-long getaway isn’t my bag.

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September 16th, 2008 at 10:57 pm

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